Your desires are orders (But do not take it to the letter)

| june'17 |

We modified the minimum number of boxes in the 44F series.

You have asked us, we believe that this reduction is a good action for the 44F bracelets.

The B2B is our philosophy of work, that we do not think to change it... it works to us!!!

From 18 units you can have your custom aluminium bracelet box. Yes, only 18 units... to deliver a bracelet with an extra sensation

Always, we try to work with logical quantities and adapted to your needs. Also we will have news of you more often, which we always like.

Take a look at our catalog and you will see these new quantities.

And remember that you can see them live... It's best that we send you a physical sample. Sure you'll like it better than in a picture!!!


if you want to see more models, quantities, sizes and prices enters our PDF catalog

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