| march'18 |

A new look for our beloved aluminium

We always listen to your contributions and opinions... and this was a very demanded request.

Black is the total absence of color, wich doesn't mean that is null

We present 2 of our bestsellers, 23A & 23B in 2 sizes, with 17 different embossings that comibined with our interiors offer more than 340 of customization possibilities 

We love the standar version in anodized aluminium... but this black is amazing!!!

Seguimos trabajando para ofreceros nuevos modelos y nuevas maneras de ver lo que se puede ver diferente. We continue working to offer you new models, new things and new ways to see the packaging.

Look at our catalog for more info!!!

And remember that you can see them live... It's best that we send you a physical sample. Sure you'll like it better than in a picture!!!


if you want to see more models, quantities, sizes and prices enters our PDF catalog

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